Carly Dog

Carly Dog 

Our first visit to see Carly was when she was 6 weeks old.  Her mom is a yellow lab and the dad is a chocolate lab.  The litter was 9 black lab puppies.  There were 3 females to pick from and after playing with them we picked the female with the yellow collar.  After visiting and playing with Carly numerous times, we finally took her home at 8 weeks of age.  She was healthy and weighed in at 12lbs.

Carly joins the family.

Carly came home on April 1st of 2017.  Instantly she showed us how smart she was and transitioned smoothly to her new home.  She is by far the easiest puppy I ever had by instantly being in her kennel, sleeping thru the night, and by day two she was standing by the door to let us know she had to go outside.  She took to play training and learned to sit within a matter of minutes.  At 11 weeks she will sit on command or whistle and stay for a short time.  At 13 weeks she will sit and stay while I walk out of sight and stays if I put a treat on the ground.  Everything is all play training and we always finish on a positive which leaves her wanting more.  Trying to capture this bundle of energy has sure improved my action photography skills. As a photojournalist covering local sporting events this experience is an added bonus.

Carly at 6 weeks and her first time outside of the house.

Yellow lab female with 9 black puppies.  Father is a chocolate lab.

Carly at 14 weeks old retrieving a bumper.

Carly and I doing what we love to do.  She makes for a great subject to photograph.

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